Key issues


Atlantic Gateway is focused on the key areas of Strategic Connectivity and Capacity, Access to Strategic Sites, Skills and Talent Pipeline and Working Together.


STrategic connectivity and capacity

Success across the Atlantic Gateway area, and the Northern Powerhouse, will be constrained unless improvements can be made to connectivity and capacity across the area’s road and rail networks.

West-East transport improvements connecting the Atlantic Gateway area to the rest of the North are essential to help create a counterweight to London and rebalance the economy. North-South transport improvements will also provide additional capacity for the movement of goods and passengers. We strongly support the proposals outlined in TFN’s Strategic Transport Plan including the development of a programme-based approach to evaluating transport investment in the North.

Atlantic Gateway supports the proposals for investment in High Speed Rail 2 (HS2) and Northern Powerhouse Rail (NPR). Both schemes will open-up new opportunities enabling more people to reach their full potential.

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access to MAJOR INVESTMENT sites

Many of the region’s recognised growth and employment sites require local infrastructure investments to unlock them and accelerate their implementation. We will continue to work with TFN, local transport authorities and the area’s LEPs on these opportunities to drive growth.

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Global competitor regions are investing heavily
to improve essential infrastructure, introduce new technologies and attract international investment. The creation of a Northern Powerhouse strategy and the establishment of TFN represent a significant step forward. The UK is one of the most economically and politically stable investment locations in the world but further investment in infrastructure is essential to ensure that the UK can remain competitive.


skills and talent pipeline

Whilst connectivity improvements will create
new opportunities for people and reduce travel
to work areas, this will only go part-way to address potential future skills and talent challenges. The Atlantic Gateway Partnership will continue to consider specific issues that may impact upon the growth of its two priority sectors and delivery of its infrastructure programme.



Business and sector growth often defies conventional geographical boundaries. Partners within the Atlantic Gateway have a good track record of working together to develop a more strategic and joined-up approach to new development opportunities.